'Copper and Masai'

Introducing our layered copper bracelets as worn by Masai tribes throughout eastern Africa. These add simple layers of adornment as striking yet modest pieces and highlight the innate flair for individuality among the Masai people.

Throughout the world copper bracelets have carried far deeper meaning for the wearer than being simple accessories. Masai shepherds wear these bracelets for enhanced strength and endurance during times of hardship, storing energy when the wearer is rested and releasing it when they have nothing left to give. We bring this to you in the hope that whatever challenges you face today, that the strength of the Masai flows through you.

For many years copper bracelets have also been inextricably linked with good health and have been touted as a remedy for arthritis and other disorders. While we have the good sense to leave the medicine to the experts we wholeheartedly recommend these products to you as part of our new East African range.