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Here we go!

First of all we would like to welcome you to our website and to our very first blog. Whether you call it kente, ankara or African Dutch print, at Tausii we love these colorful designs. What we didn't know is that they aren't actually of African origin. 
They are imitations of Indonesian batik, locally produced in Java. The batik is made by applying wax to a cloth, and then dying over that wax to create a pattern. The Dutch found a way to mass produce the fabrics, however these proved not to be so popular to the Indonesian population. We don't know exactly how the Dutch batik cloth made its way to West Africa; one theory states that on the way to Indonesia the Dutch made stops at West African ports and thus grew a fan base of the cloth. Another theory claims indentured soldiers from West Africa who were serving the Dutch colonizers carried the Indonesian batik as gifts to their families. And as the cloths became popular the mass produced Dutch wax prints became the 'go-to' fabric.
From there the prints became popular across the continent of Africa, and it is through this rich history that we at Tausii bring them to you.

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