Springtime with Tausii

tausii logo spring motif

Nothing is so beautiful as spring— 
  When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush
(G.M. Hopkins)
The Tausii team is yearning for spring! With warmer weathers and refreshing hues in mind we’ve reached out to a number of new and not-so-new manufacturers to start scouting and crafting new accessories and products for you.  We’ve found some fabulous statement necklaces, handmade single strand chokers, and gorgeous bags that will lift you out of the winter blues straight into some springtime joy.
Last year we began working with tailors and jewelry-makers in Tanzania and Ghana.  This year we spread out to Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco and (coming soon!) South Africa.     
Additionally - Spring 2017 we will host a number of popup shops in London and New York. Stay tuned for more details.  
In the meantime check out the wonderful new pieces here and here.  And as always, reach out to us if you would like to order a custom Tausii piece.   
Amayo D.’s work space in Calabar, Nigeria
Ankara necklace and duffel bag
Gladies B.’s workshop in Accra, Ghana